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“RIGHT HOUSE CORPORATION” ltd. offers a full range of repair and construction works.

Construction work is the most important stage in the implementation of any project. We have extensive experience in construction of buildings and structures of any complexity: residential buildings, office and commercial buildings, industrial and industrial facilities, non-residential buildings of general and special purpose – such as sports complexes and recreational areas.

All construction works are carried out in strict accordance with the approved project and the relevant requirements, which guarantees the safe operation of buildings and structures throughout the entire life cycle. You can order the execution of all construction work “turnkey”.

Our company carries out construction and reconstruction work in Tashkent and throughout Uzbekistan.


1) preparation of the construction site includes fencing of the territory, construction of temporary roads and structures, construction of temporary MEP, etc.

2) Excavation work, including excavation and replacement of soil, soil compaction, sand and crushed stone preparation.

3) Foundation casting, including the installation of reinforced concrete structures.

4) Construction of the building frame above zero.

5)Installation works. Installation of internal MEP: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sewage and water supply, power supply and electric, communications, security and fire safety systems, video surveillance, etc.

6)Interior and exterior.

7) The final stage is the improvement and landscaping of the adjacent territories: arrangement of roads, pedestrian areas, recreation areas, installation of fences, planting flowers, trees, lawns, etc.

In addition, we can offer the reconstruction works. Reconstruction is a process slightly different from building construction. It may be full or partial. Depending on the type of reconstruction, it may include almost all the listed stages (except for earthworks).

Our advantages

The embodiment of all the ideas of our customers – the main aim of our company. At the same time, being one person at all stages of design and construction, we save your time and resources of our customers, which they can direct to the main activities of their company.

A timely and high-quality solution of such a difficult task is possible due to the high qualification of our specialists and a special organizational scheme: each project under construction is controlled by the project manager. He leads the project throughout all stages, from the moment when the building permit is obtained, right up to the delivery of the object to the customer, coordinating and supervising all services.

The customer, in this case, receives all the information on the object from the one person.


The price of all types of construction work is determined individually, depending on the complexity of the project.

Pricelist for construction and repair work, you can request by phone +998900000000


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